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Quickly update WordPress links using SQL Script

Quickly update Wordpress links using SQL Script So you've migrated your Wordpress site to another server and have found your links are all pointing to the old site.  Sure, you can go through and manually update every.single.link, but there's a much easier way. When I mention to people that it's just a quick script to run in SQL, I can see them mentally running for the hills. Bear with me, it's nothing to be afraid of. This post will take you step by step through the process of running a SQL script that will update your URLs in no time.  Untie your runners, you won't be needing them.  This is a very simple process, I promise! As always, I recommend taking a full backup of your site before you proceed with any updates or changes on your site. Step 1: Opening PHP Admin To run a SQL script on your Wordpress database, you will need to open PHPAdmin.  This is an application that you can find in your cPanel interface. Once you have opened PHPAdmin, click onto your database name in the left-hand menu. Tip. If you have multiple databases installed, you can click on the wp_options table (or wpdx_options in my instance).  Take a look at the siteurl column and it will tell you which site this database relates to. See the example below. Once you've found the correct database, click SQL from the tabs [...]

Is my web designer really a designer?

There is no rule-book out there saying who can and can't be a web designer.  What really matters is if your skills can back up your claims. Discover the different players that contribute to a web design, and who is best for your needs.

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