Choosing the right web builder for your needs

There are so many different web builders out there. Some are free, some seem expensive at first and some seem daunting.  Some have all the bells-and-whistles included, while some make you pay for basic functions.  Some are good for right now and some will keep growing and changing along with the business.

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked which web builder somebody should be using, I’d be like…

and I feel like a jerk, because my answer almost always is ‘well, it depends on what it is for‘.

I’m no die-hard loyalist because the truth is, there are quite a few big name web builders out there now and they’re all pretty good. Each have great benefits in their own rights and often serve a very specific purpose.  The trick is knowing which one suits which projects.

I have to laugh and shake my head each time I hear (or read) somebody digging their heels in about ‘THE BEST’ web builder.  This shows me that the person is not experienced enough to look beyond what they already know, which is scary when they are building sites for other people.

As web designers, it is now your job is to work out which one is the most suitable for your client – even if you feel you’re not confident about it.

No need to panic though, I’m here to break it all down for you and make it much easier to you to make your decision.

I know that a lot of designers would love to stay in their comfort zone and create all web sites using one platform, but they are not helping their client and are not helping themselves either.  Poorly scoped projects often lead to costly, drawn out disasters which leave the designer and client disappointed and upset.  I know this because I’ve had to step in and rescue a few in my time.

The most important take-away from this is that your tech skills or experience should NOT be the deciding factor in this decision, the project brief should always be #1.

Ok, so that might have sent your stomach into a tight knot and I may have lost you for a moment there, but take a deep breath, it’s all OK.

So, how do I know which platform to choose?

I’m glad you asked!  There are three main factors that you need to consider:

  • Client’s requirements
  • Budget (both upfront and ongoing)
  • How will the site be managed going forward.

Next you measure those points against the different web builders available.  To do this, I have some really helpful tools you can use:

  • Amanda from Anchor has created an AMAZING infographic which helps you to quickly narrow down some of the best web builders for your project.
  • I have also created a FREE eBook which goes into detail covering the pros, cons, costs, functions and skill level required for each of the 5 big web builders (at the moment).

Almost all of these platforms are aimed at the end user, so they are very user-friendly and there is loads of information and support to be found on the internet. Remember, Google is your friend, as is the Web Hustle Facebook Group.

Remember that nothing is free, even if they are claimed to be and a happy client means ongoing business for you!

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A little taste of what’s inside:

  • WordPress, Shopify, WIX, BigCartel, Squarespace and Weebly compared
  • How much does each builder cost
  • What skill level is required
  • How easy are they to update
  • Can they handle an online store
  • What it is best suited for
  • and much more!
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